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2022 Recap

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

The end of 2021 I made an agreement with GOD that if I did what HE asked me to do that HE mentally hold me together and restore all that was lost as I went through 2022... HE did that...

Before I took the leap, of course I was afraid, nervous and very worried but I had some faith left. I was on fumes but I took what I had left and did what HE asked of me in order for HIM to Bless me!

Since, I've been a lot less stressed. Very little worry and what I loss HE gave me back... Myself. I lost myself in worry, grief and stress. I had been fighting like a mofo to get back to me but I couldn't see myself fully until I was fully obedient.

Understand that I still have work to do. Healing is a daily process but I welcome the journey. Over this year, I did a couple 52 day editions and I at least 2x a month I do something from the experience journals. Replacing negative with Positive makes a BIG difference. Daily I wake up choosing to want better and more for myself. It takes time but each day we are able to rise, we are given time....

Honestly. I do wish things were different for me in "love" and family but I recognize and understand now how much I needed to sit in this space. But boooooooooy I had a time this year! 🥴😂 Ill share about the dating in coming blogs. But I peeped how GOD turns pain to turn into purpose, and from it I even drafted the next edition (Release Jan 2023).

I learned some things and I did some things to. Everything has prepared me for what will come in 2023. I crawled into 2022 confused and broken but walking out, head high, full of joy, confident and sure of who I am, what I want and deserve.

I've done so much work on me this year.

This year I:

1. Changed my entire home around for a fresh start.

2. Gained my event management and design certification

3. Took my first two cruises

4. Went to tx to work 2 days at a distillery

5. Wore a thong 2 piece bathing suit WITHOUT a cover up

6. Confidently did speaking events on self wellness and worth

7. Gained my Corporate Event Planning certification

8. Started a veggie Garden on my own

9. Walked away from a marriage and any other relationship that wasn't good for me.

10. I purchased a Yoga chair to improve posture and I even meditate upside down

11. Started my Pole workouts... Alexa play "down in the valley..."

12. Took a bunch of training courses to help me help others better with The 52 Week Experience.

13. Walked in a fashion show when I told the Alice in Wonderland story through floral headbands I created.

14. Created journals and edited books for others

15. Remained open for love

16. Won 2nd place in a pitch contest for The 52 Week Experience

17. Went back to therapy

18. Pitched a concept for a internet show/podcast and it went over very well. Ill be back doing shows by March 2023!

19. I had a photoshoot gifted that completely changed how I see myself. It gave me such a boost of confidence that I didn't even know I was missing

This year I learned:

1. To Allow to be still and let others love on me

2. To Unapologetically lived on my terms

3. To Attended events without asking who was there or needing anyone to attend with me

4. To Show up to celebrate others bc im really happy for them not just bc i had to

5. To Stop trying to fit myself into others lives or forcing them into mine.

6. That I can miss and love my mom and still move on to live my own life. She lived hers. 💗🙏🏽

7. That I can't trust the lord to deliver but be afraid ill run out of time. Trust him.

8. That being soft doesn't make me stupid in dating.

9. I dont owe anyone an explanation.

10. I can be goofy, sexy, clumsy and successful at the same time.

11. Forgiveness is really not about the other person.

12. That my body is beautiful at any size and regardless of what has ever happened to it

13. The Why for much of the pain I carried and dealt with that.

This year has been rewarding. I'm the healthiest and Happiest I could have ever imagined. 2022 was overall good and because of it 2023 will be the start of the best years to come. I'm so proud of me!

What are some things you did in 2022 that you're proud of? Share below.

Until Next Time #penthepositive

NinaB 📚❤️

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