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Amazing things start to happen when you journal...

Hey there!!! So recently I signed up for a bunch of networking events to check off task from @the52weekexperience business notebook and get over this fear of networking... the devil tried a few times to keep me from going. Nope I went. This was hosted by @thecubecowork space on Harford Rd in East Baltimore...

I missed the pitch contest in the details and just signed sheets coming in to get to a seat 😵‍💫 thankfully I've been working on me and getting a lot of fears, worry and doubt off me bc not only did I get up there and pitch but I won 2nd place for the journal series! 🤯 Can you believe it! I know I couldn't. So much so that when they turned the check around I sat and kept clapping with others 🤣 They yelled that's you!!! 🤗😂

I heard a few things from the panel that went before the contest, that last year, would have had me run from the room or decline to pitch after signing up but nope again! I Did It Anyway!

We are the only ones in our own way. No one can stop me but me. I KNOW who I am and Whos I Am! I AM valued, what I have to offer is valuable and what I have to say has value. Changing my mindset and thought process changed a lot around and for me in a number of good ways. I practice what I preach and I am the result of what my journals can do for people. 🙏🏽📚❤️ this time last year I would have never stood up there and did this but look at me now! Look at the difference a year of being dedicated to better for oneself can do! 🙌🏽

I'm looking forward to so much in life these days. #penthepositive Be sure to follow their socials and attend their events. Ill be going back. It was also good seeing @thebusinessdr too. Thank for creating the space for entrepreneurs. 💛



Booked and Black Sweatshirts from

Jacket and Socks from @urban_tease on IG

Until Next Time #penthepositive

NinaB ✍️❤️📚

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1 Comment

Dinisha Berry
Dinisha Berry
Nov 30, 2022

Watching you walk fully and confidently IN YOUR PURPOSE is a blessing. God has his anointing hand on your life. I know you have been at this for years but THIS IS THE NEW BEGINNING.. Watch out world SHE HAS ARRIVED 🥰🥰

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