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Cruise Life got me like....

Y'all I died due to being sea sick most nights 不不不 BUT I'M GOING AGAIN! HAha! Why? I knew it would be an adjustment and I didn't have the poper items I now know I need to help me and I tried to eat EVERYTHING they had at each station 不 The few times I was sick and the dizzy feeling doesn't and wont ever outweigh the time I had with my cousin, the rich vibes I was feeling island hoping or the views. There was something different to do each day and we still didn't do everything. I am looking forward to it again and already saving for my next one THIS YEAR! I FELT SO GOOD! I was out on the beaches in bathing suits I NEVER thought I would be in AND SERVED THE PEOPLE OKAY! I'm here for this cruise life. It's perfect for those of us who gets bored easy. Have you crusied before? What was your experience? If not, what are you waiting for? My mom loved them! I now see why. I wish I would have been able to do this with her but now I'll do it for us both! 弘 Until Next Time #penthepositive NinaB

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