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Different Spin on a Seminar

Hey Y'all Hey! Ok so I had been feeling good but somewhat drained... I know weird right but that's the best I could explain it.

A friend of mine understood how I felt and referred me to someone who could "Balance my Chakras" Gurl Whet?!?!? 🤔🤣

Now I see a lot all over social media about Energies and Moons and so on but I had no idea someone else could help me get my energy in order!!! I needed an Experience for the week so ok I'll book it and learn something. 🤷🏾‍♀️

Long story short. Ms. Terri not only balanced me but confirmed some things I had been thinking and feeling.

Not in one sitting but She took the time to educate me on energy, animal meanings, spiritual guides and how to unlock my gifts through proper meditation.

The Experience was pretty cool and I swear I came out of my body she had me so relaxed! 😳🕴🏿

Each time I left I felt stronger and sharper! 💪🏽🧠

The chart below is how I started. When I get my energies balanced again in a few weeks of my putting in work I'll share where I am then. I'm looking forward to reconnecting to Life!

Until next time #penthepositive

NinaB 📚🖤

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1 Comment

Aisha Makell
Aisha Makell
Apr 28, 2021

Thanks for sharing... I appreciate it.. Very informative

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