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First Experience of the year!

Hey Y'all Hey! Whew so 2021 was a doozy but we made it through! Lots of new things here at the 52 Week Experience even more changes in Life.

I told some much needed time to care for self but I'm recharged and so ready for pen my positive and share it. Using the new GoalFriendGang Daily Planner and scheduling has truly helped. Each week look out for what I did from different editions. I'll be doing much alone but at times Ill need assistance. I hope some can join me! Be sure to check out the Experience Calendar as well and sign up for activities and Experiences!

Ok so...

My first Experience of 2022 was a spa day. Not the traditional way. I visited the Daily Wellness for a detox service called Ear Candling. Y'all I had an elf living in my damn ear 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I could NOT BELIEVE WHAT CAME OUT! But even more surprising was how much better I felt. I legit felt more energy. I felt stable. When you suffer from allergies and sinus issues often, the ear nose and throat can cause a lot of things. Upon entry the space you feel a welcoming vibe. The owner is very

knowledgeable and you can tell she's passionate about helping others achieve great wellness in life. Even if you don't get this service they have so much more.

I think I'm getting the foot detox next. 🤔

Anywho! This Experience will be routine for me. Stay tuned for what I'll get into next!

Until next time #penthepositive

NinaB ❤ 📚

For your own journals check out our virtual Booktique or catch us showcasing at pop shops across the country 😘

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