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Fitness Challenge

Hey yall Hey!

Ok so Im doing and sticking to it. I need you all to be a part of my goal friend gang on this one. If you have the latest version of the self care edition you will see a fitness challenge for yourself there. If not because you have an older version use your bonus section to join in.

I'm going after beating it this time. Not going to let it beat me!

The Goal is to get 520,000 steps in 52 days. 打打打打 I know right... Will I be able to do it? Will my knees hold out? That's the real question! Lol I started yesterday. Time to get up and get going now. Pop in on me at times to see where I am with things and send some encouragement. Join me if you like!!!

Current weight: 244

Let's See how it goes.

Until next time #penthepositive

Nina B

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