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Flights no Feelings...

Hey yall Hey!!!!

So. I got to check off a really good activity from the Self Care Edition this past weekend. Some background about me before traumas changed me... I use to go everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE alone. Parties, movies, vacations, concerts... everywhere alone. Not because I didn't have others to go with but because I didn't want to hold my adventure up waiting for others.

Fast forward and I am working my journals with you all and I was gifted the chance to get away to Orlando. I took it and had a blast!!! Its one of my favorite places to go and its been years since Ive been.

52 weeks of Me is set up for you to do everything alone or with the girls so a girlfriend came along with me to check off the activity from her journa. It was so fun. We laughed from meet up to drop off. Just a good time living life! We met new people, went swimming, had some really really good food 🤤, rode several rides and got plenty of steps in at the amusement park. This trip gave me so much life I already have the next getaway booked but this time is to a city I had never been before. 😆😆😆😆

I know this is a difficult time during the pandemic but we have to find a way to safely move around this and keep after our own version of happy... I know I am. ☺

Until next time #penthepositive

NinaB 📚 🖤

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