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I remembered! This weeks Experience...

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Can I be transparent? It's only family here right? Ok good. For a while I haven't been very happy with myself. Depression had changed how I showed up in the world and it changed how I showed up for myself. The Depression came with more eating and drinking then over the years BOOM over 40+ pounds!!! Slower metabolism and age wasn't doing me any favors with getting it off either. One day I decided to toss the frumpy attire and wear my cute outfits regardless of where I was going. Even if I was indoors, NO FRUMPY CLOTHES! Doing this for a while prepared me for a blessing that I didn't know was coming.

Now... I know I've needed to do a photoshoot for business if nothing else for a very long time but I avoided it because outside of a quick selfie I didn't like how I photographed. I've had a number of opportunities to shoot but Nope I avoided, declined and made excuses to avoid them until recently...

One day I randomly shared a number of small businesses I would have liked gifts from for my birthday just in case anyone was looking for something for me. 🤣 🤷🏾‍♀️

Maybe a week later I received a call from the wonderful Mykia J of Be Uniquely Framed with instructions for my shoot day with makeup from the chic Kristen Kristenized that had been booked for my birthday! 🤯 Ma'am!! 🤣 Anxiety went through the roof! 🤣 it was the Matter of Fact tone given that I couldn't even deny if I wanted to. I said ok and slept on it and woke up seeing the results in my mind. I got to work crafting items needed... I had a concept call with Mykia the week of to go over everything. It helped me to have everything needed and to not over or under pack.

Fast forward to shoot day. I was warmly welcomed by Coco. She is there to aid the duo with everything to keep the wheels turning. She kept me giggling chopping my nerves down. All of my looks were layed out for me when I went with Kristen for my makeup. Kristen more than understood the assignment. I wanted my eyes to pop and pop they did! She even educated me on the best way for me to apply eye liner for my lid type! I changed and started my shoot I was nervous at first but they set the music tone to keep my spirits up, helped me pose and gave me direction along the way. They need an award for their patience with me!!! 😂🏆Everything was fun! We wrapped but still I knew for sure I was going to look a mess until I received the email....

I have never had my breath taken ever before in my life! I couldn't believe it was me! I had forgotten who I was and still am! Regardless of weight/size I AM A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN! Y'all I cried so bad looking at the photos! Every outfit

change I LOVED a number of photos! I instantly felt a HUGE BOOST in my confidence. I feel like I've been walking taller since. I'm ready for another shoot outdoors in the spring! Ha! Do yourself a favor and book a photoshoot for yourself!!!

Oh and yes! This allowed me to complete the craft activity from the edition for Everyone, the Sexy shoot Experience the Self Care Edition annnnnnnnnnnd the Business shoot task from my Business Notebook!!! I know right! And you can check off a number of items too! I hope to see you out catching life soon.

Until Next Time #penthepositive

NinaB ❤ 📚

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1 Comment

Andrea Frazier
Andrea Frazier
Jan 24, 2022

This whole photo shoot was so beautiful!! Your outfits were perfect, and all told a story of Nina.

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