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If my momma could see me now...

Let me start by saying that I work hard to find what God wants me to see in everything HE drops in my lap. I never thought I would have been able to turn so much pain into purpose.

Creating these journals have taught and saved me from so much. I want so bad for others to find themselves again and build better bonds with loved ones. Bit by bit, I work to get the word out. I'm still manifesting a team of people to work with me to make it happen but I do see when I get bread crumbs guiding me for now...

A beautiful spirit thought of my series and shared an opportunity for me to be on a show in the DMV. I don't know her name but I'm grateful. It showed me there's people who want to see me grow this and that things are possible for me.

I took a chance and emailed and was accepted to go onto Living Local DMV! The host was amazing, the team was welcoming and I even met talent from other shows.

The Experience was mind blowing. I hope to go back when my next edition is released next week. I'm still in awe of it all! I'm Blessed by the opportunity.

This is only the beginning. Check out the segment below:

Leave support and feedback below. Thanks!

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2 comentarios

Jennifer JACKSON
Jennifer JACKSON
17 ene 2023

Yaaaas! It's about dang time. I knew that you were going to break through the glass ceiling! I am so proud of you, Nina.

And most of all happy for you!!!

Me gusta

Andrea Frazier
Andrea Frazier
14 ene 2023

This is so awesome, congrats Nina. And with u being the person to not lk to talk in front of ppl, to go talk in front of the world since this was televised is major. So proud and happy for you!!!

Me gusta
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