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Just WOW!

A few weeks later and I'm still in awe of what I accomplished and did with the Galentine's Self Love Affair Brunch! I don't think I've ever been so proud of or felt so good about myself. Whew. I was scared as fcccck but I'm so happy to have trusted my GOD vs what anxiety was trying to tell me... There's an Experience listed in the Self Care Edition to attend a seminar of some kind. I couldn't find something I felt was needed for myself or like me soooooooooo I created one for us. The Experience is for those of us women who feel overworked and under appreciated not just at work but in life. For us who always hear the good about us but couldn't grasp how to see and feel it for ourselves. For us who just needed a minute for ourselves just because we deserve it and so on. So many women told me they wish they had brought their daughters or mothers and so many gave me huge praises for putting it together. We laughed. We cried. We ate good and partied. We left feeling blessed and bossed up to do better for ourselves. We even had a few men who loved what we were doing for ourselves that they blessed us with services for that day. Special thank you to Robin and Lively Events Studio and her team along with my NinaB Events team who worked on making sure the day went on so smoothly. All the sponsors, speakers and vendors, your presence blessed the day. Thank you. It's only up for all of us from here!!! This was all just a peek of what the coming Galentine Gang Experiences will be like. Next year we will have a getaway and hit another state. Stay tuned and follow @Galentinegang on IG as those followers will get the discounts first. Right now I'm taking March for me to recoop, heal and adjust from changes in my life, but April 1 look for consistent content on all of the pages. I hope those in attendance are rocking your Rich Bitch Energy shades as you walk away from anything that doesn’t serve you in a positive way! Please nevethatyouma mnextperson! Until#penthepositive NinaB📚🖤

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