Monday feels

Good Monday Morning! Workout complete. I'm sitting here enjoying my smoothie breakfast and remembered a time where I had to live in others terms and expectations for my life. I chose to post this picture uncombed and in my work out clothes bc I'm happy and feeling good about myself and life. Not bc others expect it but bc I set myself free as I stayed on this journal journey and can say gurl you made it! You survived things that could have killed or broke you. You got rid of people you thought you needed. You smile through thjngs now that use to make your cry or run and hide. YOU DID THAT AND ARE REALLY HAPPY! Some may not understand but that's ok I'm on it anyway and will keep going AND not to miss another moment to smile and share it simply bc I'm not "done up" Everyone have an amazing Monday! Those of you with the 52 day walk- don't forget to journal today! ☺