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Next level spa day at home

👋Hey Y'all HEY!

This week I checked off a spa experience but at home! I took a day and took care of my skin and relax. I didn't get any photos of my facial but anyone who knows know I love taking good care of my skin.

However the big thing for me was my relax time. I was able to find an amazing deal on a personal home sauna and Y'all look, this was something I never knew I needed!!!

The sauna relaxed me so good mentally and physically. I can't lie. I did not think it was going to work. I got a really good sweat and my joints and muscles are grateful. Ha!

It's also cost friendly (under $150), you can put essential oils in (I used an aloe oil), very very easy to put together (once you get it together 😏😅 I struggled in the video lol) and a space saver!

If I learn how to give myself a seaweed or mud body wrap its over for me trying to find full experience day spas. 😂 just kidding.

Trying this experience gave me a new a multi day routine thats truly beneficial to my wellness.

Time to figure out what to do next week. What are you doing from the editions?

Until Next Time #penthepositive

NinaB ❤📚

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