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Road Trippin

Let's be real here... I am working to practice more of what I preach about living life more and on one's own terms...

I feel like in all of these years and more so after losing my mom and a few other traumatic things happening, I've just been sitting and waiting. Waiting for the right time, waiting for others, waiting for better weather and even waiting until I felt like "putting on clothes", which isn't often 😅 but NO MORE!

I've not only promised myself to not keep waiting but within my budgets, I am planning and purchasing tickets, scheduling and blocking the time on my calendar. Why? Because I plan and schedule for everything else! I DESERVE ME TIME! At any budget, day, dolled up or not but more importantly with OR WITHOUT OTHERS. 💁🏾‍♀️

Soooooo I love flowers and came across a flower show 2 states away.

Wait. Ha! I'm being dramatic. 🤭 where it is 2 states away it was a 90 min drive to Philly for the Floral Show. It's in it's 3rd year. My 1st attending and I was blown away!

Windy and chilly but very sunny. I wanted to "dress up" but honestly didn't feel like it. I had been on my feet working and forreal my legs were sore but my crocs always got me. Then I couldn't get my tripod to work so how was I going to get pictures? Selfie me please! I told myself bump all this, grabbed a sweatshirt, a floral headband from Envie Florale, my sequin duster (thanks Urban Tease) and got out the door!

The more I drove the more excited I got. Walking in the room you could smell a variety of fresh flowers. The archway was so beautiful. Exhibit after Exhibit after Exhibit was so nicely put together. The lighting with the florals and greenery were all just amazing.

My duster got so much attention that the Philly Neighborhoods site interviewed me and how I felt about the floral show and a kind lady from Costa Rica asked for a picture with me. Where I felt like I looked like crap, so many ppl made me blush telling me I looked nice. Look at how things happen when you just let life happen. ✔️✔️

The floral show even had a market place to purchase plants, flowers and other natural items.

Side bar: Yall I have killed aloe and catus in record time but in Jan 2022 I purchased my first real house plant. I hadn't been good with other plants but Rita (thats what I call her after my mom who loved plants) have been doing well. She's even sprouting new stems!

Back to today... I purchased 2 more plants. Rain (she's purple) and a fern named Animal. He's a boy. Rita will like the company. 💗

I also got a few bars of natural soaps. The scent is called Monkey Farts 🙉🤣 but was the best scented one. It's truly a beautiful scent. Lol I'm glad I was nosey enough to smell it.

I treated myself to a gyro from a food truck then jumped back on the road to get home before 6. It was a good quick day.

📸 See some pictures below.

Stay tuned for where I'm going next month. I'll be checking out an Experience from the edition for Everyone.

Until Next Time #penthepositive

NinaB ❤️📚

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