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Spa Day... at home

Hey yall Hey!! Yes again I pulled out my Self care edition to practice self care 😂 As I should. As YOU SHOULD! Taking care of and loving on yourself is NOT SELFISH!

We are still in a pandemic and the business that pays the bills is still operating below half capacity sooooooo where I would have loved a luxury spa day for others to cater to me I just couldn't do it right now... 💸


I love facial and body treatments more than I like getting massages. I pulled out all of my scrubs and skin brushes and just like the ladies my favorite bathhouse in NY I scrubbed! I soaked in the bath for 30 mins as they would have you do there. Limb by limb. Every nook and crannie (thanks to Uniquely Expressed for a scrub to allow me to get all the crannies) I scrubbed! Hurt like hell but my skin thanks me. Then I pulled out a skin care set my good judy (sisterfriend) gave me for my birthday and I gave myself a facial. The mask hurt like a mofo at the peel off but the end result was worth it. 🤔🤔🤔 I guess pain is really beauty but YASSSS GLOW!

Anywho! That was my mini spa day. I feel good and I saved a few bucks in the meantime. 💰

What are your favorite spa services???

Until next time #penthepositive

NinaB 📚🖤


Use your bonus sections or alter the activity to fit your needs. This is just a guide. Nothing is set in stone... well paper in this case. Create your own story. I'm just asking for you to journal your journey towards more peace and positivity so you have something to look back on and appreciate it. 😊

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Andrea Frazier
Andrea Frazier
Mar 10, 2021

Super dope, your skin looks so refreshed.


Dinisha Berry
Dinisha Berry
Mar 07, 2021

Yes I love it...

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