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Whew lawd!

Hey yall Hey!

So. we checked off another item from the journals (Everyone or Childrens edition) by going to a go-kart track. Not just any but the largest track in the dmv and let me tell you I was not ready!!! Lol all of those turns had my stomach just as twisted 🙃 BUT more importantly I had more than a good time! The family fun place in Fredericksburg, VA doesn't owe us a thing. They had everything for an all day trip and we all enjoyed ourselves. My sisterfriend even found one of her favorite places to eat before we dragged ourselves back to Maryland. 😅 Such a great way to start the year off completing activities! Have you started yet??? What have you done? Or planning to do first? Let me know!

Until next time #penthepositive

Nina B📚🖤

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