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Wow! More than expected...

Hey yall Hey! Ok so I pulled out my Self Care Edition and the activity was to join a book club and/or read a book within the month. I'm a few days past the deadline but had the book not been telling all my business and causing me to grow a bit more at each chapter I wouldn't have had to keep stepping back to process and look at some things! 😅 If you are truly looking for growth and healing this book is a MUST READ! When I think of all the things I missed out on because I just "wanted to be mad" smh Man! So much time wasted. I started to Collect, Connect and Correct my own dots. I needed one of my pretty pens and book to take notes and journal on things I connected with. I see things differently because of this read. If you have the chance pick this one up. Hell I'll let you borrow mine. But when done let me know how many times it had you sit back in your seat. Ha!

Until next #penthepositive

NinaB 📚 🖤

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