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I never saw this coming...

Imagine one year your at the height of your business, in a relationship with your mom alive and well to fast forward a few years later to your business hanging on, divorced, still not a mother and your mother has transitioned...

I think this is the longest I have ever been this alone. Everyone that once was is no more for one reason or another and a relationship and/or pregnancy/children aren't anywhere to be found. This past year was the hardest in my life!!!

I needed it.

I promised myself to really do the work on myself and heart. Over the past year I knew I was growing, forgiving and moving forward but I had no idea on just how much until I heard an interview with the Kisses, Cuddles and Cocktails Podcast.

I don't think I ever replay my interviews. I'm my own worst critic but I needed to listen to this one. I'm glad I did! I sounded clear and grounded. More importantly I sounded like I'm going to be okay. I could feel it. It brought me to tears.

1 year. 52 weeks later of actually working on myself. One day at a time. One journal entry and task at a time. One issue at a time and so on. I'm in a space I never knew I could reach. I never thought I could be this happy and at peace in my life. I still have work to do but don't we all?

I know my mom is proud of me. I'm proud of me and that's all that matters.

Tell me what you think.

Until Next Time #penthepositive

NinaB 📚❤

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