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52 days later

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Whew chile lawd! Yall! 😅 It was a long 52 days and I'm still trying to figure out why I decided to do it 🙃 but no different from creating the series... I was something I needed to do. I started off real good. I struggled some days and crushed others. I never changed my eating habits but the more I walked the less I wanted the "wrong" foods for my body. I could tell the days I struggled are the days I had foods that made me feel tired and heavy. Days where I was focused I did better and earlier in the day.

I really stuck with it!!! 52 days feels like a year when your body fights against you.

Now... I weighed myself today. I didn't lose weight. I'm bloated (ladies yall get it) and I can feel my muscles forming. They weigh more. It looks like I actually gained. 🥴 I'll check again in a few days. BUT I do see my body changing. My clothes are fitting better. And mentally I feel amazing!!! 💪🏽And that last one is what will keep me going. Will I challenge myself again. The next one will be financially. 💰Not sure when or how but I will.

I'm excited about our first in person experience for the year at the Trap and Paint along with the eggroll cooking class coming. Hope to see you there!😁

Until next time #penthepositive

NinaB 📚🖤

Substract 4548 steps from the first week. They were done on February 7th. I started February 10th. No cheating.

UPDATE!!!! Ok so now the bloat is gone. I actually lost 9pds! 🙌🏽 simply walking CAN make a difference.

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