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Anything new Can be upgraded...

Fun fact about me... As a child (before seeing Dunston checks in and wanting to be in hospitality) one of the things I wanted to do was go to fashion design school in New York City. I think having the best dressed barbies did it lol i dont know but my mother was not for allowing me to go away from her so she sent me to modeling school near in my teen years... They wanted me skinny to get jobs (definitely before they appreciated people over certain sizes) but I only wanted to be behind the scenes helping people get ready for shoots. If I knew how to draw and sew boy oh boy... However what I am is crafty and good with using what I have so instead of refurbishing another piece of furniture I did shoes and headbands. I've been doing flask for a while.

Yes you can tweak the activities!

I needed a gift for my goddaughter and jad received some shoes in the wrong size but fit her so it was perfect!

Pull out your self care journal and refurbish or upgrade something.

Share below with what you completed.

Until next time #penthepositive

Nina B📚🖤

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