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Building bonds and Gingerbread houses...

Can you believe it! We are almost through 2020! The months are flying by! Instead of missing moments I've been doing my best to catch as much as I can.

I've done a few festive activities from the journals this month. I've seen the holiday lights with friends at Hershey Park (I actually got on rides 😅) taking the task from the journal for everyone and me and my bonus son decided to add having hot cocoa and building gingerbread houses the week before to our own traditions list from the children's edition.

I haven't done a lot but what I have done has filled my spirit in a major way! This week coming I'll be pulling out the 52 Weeks of Me to make cookies from scratch for Santa.

What activities have you done to uplift your spirit this holiday season?

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Andrea Frazier
Andrea Frazier
29 dic 2020

Yall gingerbread house looks good. We tried gingerbread cookies n yea... lol

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