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Purge Day

Hey yall Hey!

I pulled out my Self Care edition and took on the purge activity. I tend to hold on to things "just in case" 😫 It's annoying I know 🤣 but slowly I have been breaking that bad habit.

I have to keep in mind that I will always have what I need when I need it OR will be provided a way to obtain it. No more holding on to things and even people that don't serve where I am and heading.

I tossed out things that had been sitting forever! It's ridiculous 😆 I actually felt good getting rid of things. I'll always have memories. Less clutter for no reason. More space for blessings and positive energy to flow through my life and mind. If anyone is offended by a "Who dis?" Reply it will be for them to worry about not me. I'm making room now.

This task was really good for energy cleaning. Have you completed this yet? How did you feel after?

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