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Hey yall Hay!

Whew lawd 2020 had certainly been a year. A lot of pain and harsh lessons but more importantly 2020 gave me GROWTH! 2020 also gave me HEALING mentally, emotionally and physically. I had the opportunity to grieve the loss of my mother who passed in 2017! Imagine life coming at you so fast and back to back that you literally don't have time to care for your own broken heart. Things shutting down effected my business in a major way but I needed this time to be still. I learned to care for myself and health better because of Covid-19. My mind became more sharp. I found myself again in 2020. I feel alive again. I was able to produce our three latest editions and regain my focus for business in a way I hadn't in a very long time. The time even put myself and husband in a beautiful place I didn't think we would get back to. Had I been running around for business I also wouldn't have had a very needed surgery for us to family plan. Again 2020 has been hard but its been good for me. I'm definitely ready to get back outside and to large gatherings maskless but it's been a blessing to me that I didn't know I needed... I'm still and will keep finding the positives. 😊

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Happy New Year!

Until next time #penthepositive

Nina B 📚🖤

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